Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vine Influencers Sell Out for Brands (Thank You)

One way for brands to break through the clutter on social and still maintain any brand presence is by partnering with Vine "celebrities."  These celebs or influencers clearly found a way to create a following by being unique, and among first to the platform.

Trident Gum, Lowe’s, Virgin Mobile, and other brands leverage this trend, and  NicholasMegalis, a 24-year-old  Vine celebrity with about 2.5 million followers, seems to be a bit of a brand whore. 
In a recent interview, Megalis reveals two important aspects to marketing on the platform from his recent interview:
  • Brands should understand their consumer and look to artists to produce work
  •  Brands must pay attention to people, show them love, and make something cool they can look at—you can’t just slap your product name on a Vine and expect people to buy something

When done correctly, partnering with social artists/celebrities helps brands to reach mass audiences. Of course, this isn't new news for brands or marketing, but it is proving to be effective when measuring conversations and even sometimes perceptions. 

How Your Brand Can Flirt on Vine

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