Thursday, September 5, 2013

Social Users are Mobile First: We Should Be, Too

Consumers and customers alike no longer see Twitter and Facebook as desktop websites.  They consider these social networks mobile apps.  Because of this user behavior and mind-set, we see Twitter and Facebook leveraging the mobile first strategy.  For reference:
  • Over 70% of all Facebook & Twitter activity occurred on mobile
    • More than 219M users were mobile only on Facebook
  • It is predicted that $4billion will be spent on Facebook advertising with 50% of the spend to occur in streams
    •  This means, brands are not only competing with our fans’ friends, but with many other advertisers as well

The content developed and amplified becomes even more important: 
  • It must break through the clutter
  • Be relatable
  • Leverage a “mobile first” philosophy
    • Should be succinct, engaging and visual – on both Twitter and Facebook.

Although this isn't "new news" the data is still staggering and changing as we move into Fall 2013.

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