Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Create the Perfect Hashtag

Hashtags have not only become synonymous with Twitter, but across the social web.  So how do you come up with the best hashtag for your brand or marketing campaign?

Twitter launched an infographic that helps establish the path for creating a new hashtag, using an existing hashtag, or why a hashtag should actually be avoided.  

In short:
  • Make your hashtag memorable
    •  Hashtags should be easy to remember
    • Integrate the hashtag with other forms of marketing materials, not just on Twitter
  • Don’t be afraid to piggyback on a popular term
    • For example, Foot Locker began using the popular “#Kickstagram” hashtag. The hashtag was often used by sneaker-heads, but the brand began using it, added media and incorporated it to other messaging.  Now, the sneaker-heads think of Foot Locker when using #Kickstagram.

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