Thursday, January 16, 2014

Creating Custom Content for Each Social Platform

In order to have a high performance, multi-platform social media campaign, Brands must do their best to understand each social platform and how its audience consumes media in order to provide rich, engaging content.

While there is no fool proof formula, this infographic developed by My Clever Agency provides tips on how to make the most effective social posts.
A few highlights include:

  • Facebook: Use simple imagery posts that can be easily seen on mobile devises as 70% of fans view posts on their phones 
  • Twitter: Retweet relevant content for your audience and be sure to leave 20 characters so people can add content
  • Pinterest: Images that do not have a human face are shared 23% more while images with red or orange get double the repins
  • Google+: Use full sized images to make posts stand out on the page compared to thumbnails
    • Although not mentioned, using “Auto-Awesome” (a tool from Google that enhances images) on photos also helps increase engagement
  • Instagram: Reply to people who have liked/commented to drive two way conversations
  • Vine: Use popular hashtags such as #loop and #howto to gain the most engagement
  • Tumblr: Like and reblog posts to interact and ensure visibility throughout the site

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