Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kate Spade, Anna Kendrick and Cinematique Give "Window Shopping" a New Meaning

Holiday shopping is upon us as retailers push new promotions and advertising at consumers across platforms.

But, following up on a successful Google Display Network campaign during Holiday 2013, Kate Spade pushes digital video even further with a new shoppable video via Cinematique, giving "Window Shopping" a new meaning in the digital video sphere.

And, if you haven't seen the new video starring Anna Kendrick, then you should watch it now:

The Cinematique technology on this video is outlined below:

  • Users can watch the video and click products they like
  • The video aggregates your clicks/products via a secondary page within the player (found when clicking the Cinematique logo "Q" on the player)
  • Users can then be taken to the product page to purchase the images selected
  • Via the screen after clicking "Q" users can also log-in to the Cinematique experience via email or Facebook for future updates and information on your products
    • Cinematique not only allows shoppable information, but also can provide more details about an actor, location or any item within a video
    • Touchable video is enabled on mobile via the App Store

Beyond Kate Spade, retail has led the way in interactive video campaigns. For more, see these campaigns below:

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