Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pinterest Finally Launches Promoted Pins Beta

After several months of testing, Pinterest launched their promoted pins pilot program last week with a small group of advertisers.

As demonstrated in the photo, the ads will:

  • Functionally act like a native pin
  • Appear in users’ search results and category feeds
    • The promoted pins will also always appear in the top row of the results
  • Contain a “sponsored” tag on the pin
Although commitment costs are high, and targeting functionality appear a bit sub-par, at this time:
  • Pilot program runs about $150k/month with a required media investment for 6 months
  • Targeting is limited to location, language, gender and device 
    • However, this is expected to evolve along with the ad product
Looking forward to see how these perform or turn some brand lifts/ROI.

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