Thursday, February 20, 2014

Key Moments in Social Media

After a great Social Media Week panel with the likes of Social Code, Livestream and BuzzFeed, we heard a lot of the same stuff: 

Social TV is not going away. Users are engaging with live TV events (like Super Bowl, award shows, sports, etc) while on social within their mobile devices.
  • We should be selective for the events in which we engage on live events
    • For Example:  Pepsi only held a live event war room for the Grammy’s and Super Bowl as they have a larger presence for these events. It gives them more of a reason, and more content to work with, when engaging on these programs.

Listen to, and think like, Customers:
  • Become more “Data Driven” but with the right data points based on campaign KPIs
  • Continue to join existing conversations, rather than creating your own so we can become a part of the community
  • Evaluate if you would share your branded content as a user first - if the answer is no, don't publish it!

But, some information is nice to hear again as a reminder for brands: 

Think moneyball strategy for content strategy with 3 types of content:
  • Evergreen strategy: maintain the “always on” organic posts that support the brand and marketing goals (long tail)
  • Seasonal strategy: Layer in relevant content to join the existing conversations
  • Real-time integrations: Plan around a tent-pole moment and react to real time moments (like Sponsorship opportunities)

Content has a shelf-life. Revisit it and repurpose it when we can:
  • Think about the platform shelf-life:
    • Twitter = 2-3 days
    • Facebook = 5-7 days
    • Instagram = 5-7 days
    • Pinterest = 60-90 days
  • Some evergreen content can be repurposed – evaluate how to optimize and bring back to the platforms especially if the content worked well the first time
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