Tuesday, July 1, 2014

At Cannes, Search & Native Ads are Hot Topic

At Cannes, multiple digital trends and optimizations are being discussed by the likes of Marissa Meyer of Yahoo, and Nikesh Arora of Google. Their statements look to change the way the ad industry looks at digital and mobile.

For instance, Meyer and Yahoo announced the integration of Native Ads from Tumblr to Yahoo on Tuesday, and why native ads are considered the future of display:
  • Viewers of native ads are 3.6 more likely to perform a branded search than viewers of traditional display
  • 46% of millennial who noticed branded content say they consumed it
  • 1/3 of those millennial shared the content

Additionally, Arora stated that search is “only 5% of where it should be.” With the standardization of mobile platforms (iOS and Droid) and the global scope of the digital connection, there is a lot more opportunity for search. Beyond smartphone devices, search can still exponentially increase as new mobile devices begin to enter the market, specifically Google Glass.

For more information, please see the articles below:
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