Saturday, October 12, 2013

For Brands: Now is the time for Holiday Communications

Twitter influences holiday shopping According to a study by Crimson Hexagon, 2012 saw a 30% lift in holiday shopping communications on Twitter over 2011. Surprisingly, those conversations are starting before October.

An infographic from Crimson further reveals:
·         Holiday shopping conversations on Twitter start early.
o    30% of Twitter users begin thinking- and tweeting- about holiday shopping before October
·         Twitter influences product consideration, discovery and purchases.
o    55% of users discussed gift ideas on Twitter
o   64% of users have purchased a product because of Twitter
·         Twitter plays a key role in how and where people shop.
o    57% of shoppers use Twitter to determine what stores to visit
o    62% of shoppers tweet about the purchases they’ve made
o    45% of shoppers would rather take Twitter shopping with them than their husband or wife

Most brands will begin trickling in their holiday messaging now, but for B2B customers, time is of essence. 

For more information, please see the full study below:

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